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Projector work with laser TV stand
December 02 , 2022

Hi friend, this is Lily ,we mainly sell home cinema products. We also provide customers with better solutions Laser TV mobile telescopic table for ust projector.Recently, some customers are worried about the location and space of the projector. We recommend that use it with projector which is conducive to saving space and making it more intelligent to use.

Ultra-short throw laser TV need to be placed close to the wall,but TV cabinet dont always match wall,use laser TV mobile telescopic table ,move out when using,shrink when turn off,which is practical and convenient.more stable placement.

We have many types of laser TV cabinet , control method  have manual or with Mijia/xiaomi app.Can support different types of plugs.

We have video how to manually adjust the scaling table,We also have customized TV cabinets.if you want to know more about,pls sent me your inquiry,well provide good solution to you.Thanks!

Editor: Lily Lin


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